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We put ourselves in your shoes

John, Justin and I (Chris) had known each other since high school. Catching up in a bar one Sunday afternoon, we started sharing stories about the gifts we had received over the years.


The cartoon character ties that have accumulated in my drawer

The wrong sized shirts that John only ever wears for painting

The pantry full of wine that Justin plans to give away for Secret Santa


John lamented, "My wife tells me the family finds it impossible to buy gifts for me ‘cause they reckon I’ve got everything..."

I chimed in, "What if we could switch places with them, and buy the presents ... What would we get ourselves?

Justin exclaimed, “Oh yeah! O.K! Let’s see what we come up with!”


We simultaneously turned to the bartender and ask for some paper, a pen and another round of beer

As the beers flowed, and we put our heads together, the gift ideas got better and the list got longer

By midnight, we had a wish list as long as our arm


That list has now evolved into this website


So now when gift time comes around, you (and our families) can stop guessing and get he who’s got everything, just the thing they want


To begin, explore our gallery of great gift ideas, or take this quiz and discover the very gift he’d want based on what makes him special

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