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12 Loving Gifts For Dads Who Have Everything

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12 Loving Gifts For Dads Who Have Everything

Show Dad You Care... Without Having To Actually Say It

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Thanks for helping me learn to ride a bike, taking me to sports, or even letting me go out when mom wouldn't...

Whether it's for something specific or a general 'thanks for everything Dad', Dad's appreciate great gifts.

So to help you say thanks, we've dedicated this page to great gifts that Dad's love to receive.

Now all you need is the card.



Gifts For Dads Who Have EverythingThanks For Shaping My Life Dad

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The Top 12 Gifts For Dad



Give him the power to carry thousands of books in the palm of his hand, with clear, sharp and adjustable sized text.

Titleist NXT Golf Balls (12-Pack)

Help him lower his golf score! Titleist golf balls give him amazing distance without sacrificing accuracy

Kiwi Select Shoe Shine Care Kit

Help him look his best with this sophisticated shoe shining kit.

Hot Off The Grill Gift Basket

Gourmet or a quick bite, everything he needs for the perfect BBQ is stowed away in a metal bucket.

19 in 1 Multi-Tool

The convenience of a tool box that he can keep in his pocket, will help get him out of most situations...

Stanley SortMaster Tool Organizer

Customizable to suit his storage needs, help him clean up his shed/garage workspace

Prescription Coffee Mug

A clever mug that makes sure he gets his prescription for daily sanity

Suncast Golf Organizer

Help get his golf gear organized before the season starts.

Stainless-Steel Grill Set

BBQ like a professional with tools that are worthy dad

Personalized 2 Liter Oak Whiskey Barrel

This gift cant help but take pride of place in his man cave

Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

A unique gift for the family man. He will spend hours putting his family together, in a good way!

Ballpark Blueprints

A great addition to any ball fans man cave

Comparison Table

Open the Comparison Table

Product Name BrandUniquenessGift CategoryPrice
KindleKindle Ebooks★★★★Kindle ebooks$$$
Titleist NXT Tour S Golf Balls (12-Pack)Titleist★★★☆Spots & Games$$
Kiwi Select Shoe Shine Care KitKiwi★★★★Shoe Care Accessories$$
Hot Off The Grill Gift BasketWine Country gift Basket★★★Personal & Corporate Gifts$$
19 in 1 Multi-ToolMicro-Max®★★★★★Hand Tools$
Stanley SortMaster Tool OrganizerStanley★★★Hand Tools Organizer$
Prescription Coffee MugBig Mouth Toys★★★Coffee Lover$
Suncast Golf OrganizerSuncast★★★★Sprorts & Games$$$
Stainless-Steel Grill SetCuisinart★★★★Cooking Utensils$$
Personalized 2 Liter Oak Whiskey BarrelMy Personal Memories★★★★Kitchen & Dining$$$
Personalized Photo Jigsaw PuzzleJigsaw2order★★★★Fun$$
Ballpark BlueprintsBallpark Blueprints★★★★Home Decor$$$



Amazon’s Poplar E-reader Technology At His Fingertips.

THE KINDLE brand is synonymous with convenient, affordable digital reading.

If the hard to buy for guy in your life is reading on a cell phone or carrying multiple heavy books with him when he travels, the Kindle is the perfect gift.

Perfect for reading because it was designed exclusively with that purpose in mind, Amazon’s Kindle is loaded with features that bibliophiles love.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Kindle Ebooks ★★★★ ★★★★ $$$


Titleist NXT Tour S Golf Balls (12-Pack)

The Favorite Golf Ball Of A Serious Golfers

IF THE a hard to buy for man on your list is a golfer, look no further than the Titleist NXT Tour S golf balls. Providing professional quality for amateur golfers, these are some of the most popular golf balls from industry leader Titleist.

Increase distance, control spin, and, most importantly, improve your score. Innovative technology combines a soft centered dual core with Titleist’s patented Fusablend cover for the best golf balls that you can buy.

The best part for you is that once he falls in love with these golf balls, you will have an ongoing gift idea for him, as they sink in the water traps just like the rest of them. Available in Amazon.

Category Uniqueness   Customer Rating  Price
Sports & Games ★★★☆ ★★★★☆ $$



Kiwi Select Shoe Shine Care Kit

For The Man Who Always Look Sharp

HELP HIM to always look his best with this sophisticated shoe shining kit that includes everything he needs to spiff up black or brown dress and casual shoes.

Clothes, daubers, brushes, polishes, and more all come in an attractive, old-fashioned style wooden shoe shine box that doubles as a convenient stand for shoe shining.

Great for use at home or at the office, this shoe shine kit can also easily travel.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Shoe Care Accessories ★★★★ ★★★★ $$


Wine Country

Hot Off The Grill Gift Basket

Get Ready For A Gourmet Barbeque!

EVERYTHING YOUR guy needs for the perfect barbeque is stowed away in this attractive metal bucket.

He will be ready for an afternoon of grilling with unique treats to snack on while things get cooking.

Just add your favorite beverages for a memorable Father’s Day or Birthday cookout. Available through Amazon.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Personal & Corporate Gifts ★★★ ★★★★ $$

Micro Max

19 in 1 Multi-Tool

Great Gift For Your Handyman On The Go

19 TOOLS THAT can fit into his pocket or keep on his keychain? That sounds like a winner for most men, who love to have the tools on hand to fix anything that breaks.

Get the quality you expect from Swiss+Tech with the astounding practicality of 19 tools in one.

All in a single pocket sized tool and at a very reasonable price. Available through Amazon.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Hand Tools ★★★★★ N/A $



Stanley SortMaster Tool Organizer

He’s Got Everything? Help Him Organize It

WHETHER HE has a garage full of tools, parts, and gadgets that need to be sorted or a hobby room that is overflowing with model parts or Legos, this organizer from Stanley fits the bill.

Moveable dividers allow him to personalize the SortMaster for his own needs, and it clips tightly shut to keep everything firmly in place.

If he has lots of stuff, these components are stackable and handy. They are durable and reliable enough for collections that must travel. The lid locks down to dividers, not allowing any shifting between compartments even when held at a 90 degree angle. Available through Amazon.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Hand Tools Organizer ★★★ ★★★★☆ $


Big Mouth Toys

Prescription Coffee Mug

His Prescription For Daily Sanity

IF YOUR guy loves coffee as much as we do, he will love this hilarious coffee mug.

Designed to look like a prescription drug bottle and covered with great coffee puns, this mug will bring a smile to his face each time he uses it.

His need for “12 ounces of black gold” is happily prescribed by “Dr. Harold Feelgood” with unlimited refills. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this unique coffee mug is perfect for all the caffeine addicts in your life. Available through amazon.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Coffee Lover ★★★ ★★★★☆ $


Suncast Golf Organizer

Get His Golf Gear Organized Before The Season Starts

THOSE MEN who have everything don’t always necessarily have all that stuff organized.

The Suncast Golf Organizer is a great first step to getting everything in its place, so that it is easy to find and looks neat.

With ample space for two golf bags and all of his related gear, even the most avid golf enthusiast can fit all of his golf equipment in this durable organizer. Several shelves can hold balls, gloves, tees, and more. Adjustable feet ensure that it is held level. Dependable metal construction will last for years to come. Available here.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Sports & Games ★★★★ ★★★★ $$$



Stainless-Steel Grill Set

He Will Barbeque Like A Professional!

THIS IS a manly set of grilling tools that will make him want to head straight out to the grill.

Oversized tools are perfect for larger hands and extra length protects from the heat of the grill. Stainless steel construction ensures that he will enjoy these tools for many years of delicious grilled food.

Set includes everything he needs to grill great dinners all summer long: spatulas, tongs, grill brush, and corn cob holders. You even get a spare brush head and sturdy aluminum case that holds each piece, making it easy to take this kit to camping or for a picnic at the park.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Cooking Utensils ★★★★ ★★★★ $$


Personalized 2 Liter Oak Whiskey Barrel

He May Have Everything, But He Doesn’t Have This!

WHAT MAN wouldn’t love his own personalized whiskey barrel, complete with stand and spigot?

Up to 3 lines of 12 characters each enable you to make this a fully customized gift with his initials or any original text that you would like engraved on the barrel.

He can use it to brew his own beer, make homemade wine, or age his own bourbon. If your guy prefers consumption over creation, he can simply fill this unique barrel with the beverage of his choice.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Kitchen & Dining ★★★★ ★★★★ $$$


Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle Lovers Can Enjoy Their Personal Photograph In Puzzle Form

IF YOUR guy is a puzzle enthusiast with everything, this gift is one that is sure to be unique and appreciated.

A 1000 piece puzzle featuring the photograph of your choice will provide hours of entertainment and a long lasting keepsake. Your photo is enlarged with professional quality photo finish to create the 20’x28’ puzzle surface before it is trimmed into 1000 puzzle pieces.

The box also includes the photo, so that he will instantly see the potential of the finished product. This product is available with the convenience of choosing vertical or horizontal orientation to best suit your chosen photo. Available through amazon.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Fun ★★★★ ★★★☆ $$


Ballpark Blueprints

Ballpark Blueprints

Choose The Home Of His Favorite Baseball Team

EVEN THE guy who has everything can never have too much paraphernalia to support his favorite team. 

Each piece is a hand drawn architect’s rendering of several perspectives of his favorite ballpark.

Written on high grade paper with a stunning contrast between dark paper and crisp white ink, these sketches are created to last and impress. Available through Amazon.



Category Uniqueness  Rating Price
Home Decor ★★★★ ★★★★★ $$$



Thanks for reading. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, please use the contact us page!

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