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12 Unique Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

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Unique Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

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The Top 12 Gifts For That One-Of-A-Kind-Man

If your man with everything is one of a kind, then he needs a gift just as unique as him

But finding that special gift that's just right for him can be quite a challenge

That's why this page is dedicated to finding unique gifts that men with everything will use and don't already own

We hope it inspires your next great gift idea


Unique Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

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The Top 12 Unique Gifts For Him


Collectibles – Sports, Movies, TV etc.

For the real hard to please man, something special from his favorite past time

DIY Bottle Lamp Kit

A simple arts and crafts project close to the heart of any beer lover

Marvel Encyclopedia (Hardcover)

With detailed information on every character Marvel has ever introduced, he'll be ready for any superhero related debate

Sandalwood 4 Elements Starter Kit

Leave his skin smooth shaven with some of the classic tools of the trade

Add Your Own Text T-Shirt

Let him know how you feel... and let him wear it around

Ultra Sharp Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

Give him the tools used in professional kitchens

Golf Scorecard Keeper

Protect and organize his golf score cards so he remembers the courses he has played at

Whiskey Sphere Ice Molds

Give him the gift of enjoying his Whiskey like a true connoisseur

Hometown Topographic Jigsaw Puzzle

This unique jigsaw puzzle of his home town will keep him busy for hours

Travel Coffee Maker

For the gourmet coffee lover, on the go

Sports Caps

Help him show his support for his favorite team... on a sunny day

Neon Sign For Bar

A custom made neon sign will complete his man cave

Comparison Table

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Product Name BrandUniquenessGift CategoryPrice
Collectibles - Sports, Movies, TV etc.N/A★★★★☆Collectibles & Fine ArtN/A
DIY Bottle Lamp KitUncommongoods★★★★Home & GardenN/A
Marvel Encyclopedia (Hardcover)Matt Forbeck★★★Books$$
Sandalwood 4 Elements Starter KitArt of Shaving★★★★Men Beauty Accessories$$
Add Your Own Text T-ShirtBlackout Tees★★★★☆Clothing, Shoes & JewelryN/A
Ultra Sharp Julienne & Vegetable PeelerUberChef★★★★★Kitchen Tools$
Golf Scorecard KeeperChronicle Books★★★★Toys & GamesN/A
Whiskey Sphere Ice MoldsTovolo★★★Bar Accessories$
Hometown Topographic Jigsaw PuzzleNY Times★★★★Toys & Games$$
Travel Coffee MakerAeroPress★★★☆Travel Totes$$
Sports CapsNew Era★★★Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry$$$
Neon Sign For BarHozer★★★★☆Lighting$$$$$


Collectibles - Sports, Movies, TV etc.

Choose A One Of A Kind Gift That He Will Treasure!

FINE ARTS, sports memorabilia, and collectibles from favorites of the past make thoughtful one of a kind gifts for the hard to buy for man on your list.

An autographed jersey or ball from his favorite player or vintage sports cards. Remind him of a TV program that he loves when he was a kid.

A heartfelt gift that can touch his heart and bring back memories. It will be a gift that he will be proud to display in his home or office and the starter of many conversations. Available through Amazon.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Collectibles & Fine Arts ★★★★☆ N/A N/A


DIY Bottle Lamp Kit

What A Fun Way To Recycle!

THIS DO it yourself bottle lamp kit comes as a lamp stand ready to be combined with empty bottles from his favorite beer or vintage soda.

Pair it with a case of his favorite drink to supply him with everything he needs to add this unique piece to his interior décor. A low watt bulb and amber colored bottles create a nightlight effect, while clear bottles and a bright bulb can be used as an attractive reading or accent lamp.

He will have fun choosing the right bottles to create the look that he likes best.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Home & Garden ★★★★ ★★★★ N/A


Marvel Encyclopedia

Marvel Encyclopedia (Hardcover)

Remind Him About His Favorite Super Hero

BECAUSE WE know that middle aged men discuss their favorite super heroes almost as much as they did when they were kids, they need this comprehensive Marvel Encyclopedia.

With detailed information on every character Marvel has ever introduced, the guy in your life will be happy to back up his argument about why his hero is best and maybe even learn something new. Available  here.



Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Books ★★★ ★★★★☆ $$


Matt Forbeck

Sandalwood 4 Elements Starter Kit

A Close, Sexy Shave Without Irritation

WANT TO pick up a gift for the guy in your life while getting a little something for yourself at the same time?

The Art of Shaving Kits come in Sandalwood or unscented and equip your man with some tools of the trade that have sadly fallen from usage. Shaving brush, pre-shave oil, after-shave balm, and top quality shaving cream help him get a clean shave without irritation.

Premium skin and hair care products for men that will leave their smooth shaven skin feel wonderful to touch. Start his shaving journey here.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Men Beauty Accessories ★★★★ ★★★★ $$

Blackout Tees

 Add Your Own Text T-Shirt

Capture His Catch Phrase In Tee Shirt Form 

CHOOSE HIS favorite phrase or joke, or select a line from his favorite song, movie, or television show.

With this custom printed tee shirt, your only limit is your imagination. Create a shirt for him that immortalizes the line that he loves most. It will start many conversations when he wears it and others want to know where they can get theirs.

Bold white print on the shirt of the size and color of your choice make this shirt noticeable and fun. Only high quality, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton shirts used to spread the message.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ N/A



Ultra Sharp Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

The Choice Of Professional Chefs

HE WILL love this top of the line julienne peeler from UberChef, the preferred kitchen tool manufacturer of professional chefs around the world.

Stainless steel construction and ultra-sharp blades make this peeler easy to use for fine julienne peeling.

Great for creating delicious recipes and creative garnishes, the talented cook on your list will love the UberChef peeler.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Kitchen Tools ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ $



Golf Scorecard Keeper

Help Him Store All Of His Golfing Memories And Records

THESE CREATIVE little books are filled with page protectors for slipping golf scorecards into. He can add details about weather, who he golfed with, and how he liked the course.

The scorecards serve as record of his games and a way of recalling memories of time spent with friends. Each book holds 50 standard sized golf score cards.

It is a great way to keep record of golf courses he has travelled to and where he had his best games. Perfect gift for any guy who loves to golf.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Toys & Games ★★★★ ★★★☆ N/A


Whiskey Sphere Ice Molds

Let Him Enjoy His Drinks On The Rocks

REGULAR ICE cubes melt quickly, diluting your beverage and changing the taste.

Connoisseurs of scotch and whiskey will tell you that the best way to enjoy these drinks on the rocks is with large ice spheres.

The super-rich can order premade ice spheres for their evening beverage, but these ice molds are a great alternative for the rest of us.  Available here.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Bar Accessories ★★★ ★★★★☆ $


NY Times

Hometown Topographic Jigsaw Puzzle

Truly One Of A Kind Gift For Puzzlers

DOES YOUR man love puzzles? You can have one custom made that features a map of his hometown for a gift that is certain to not be duplicated.

500 piece puzzles are created to include the address that you specify as pictured on the US Geological Survey topographical maps.

Enjoy locating favorite local hangouts or discover new places to visit as he puts together this puzzle showing the places he loves.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Toys & Games ★★★★ N/A $$


Travel Coffee Maker

Simply The Best Coffee

IF THE man you are shopping for loves high quality coffee, he will enjoy using the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker.

It is completely unlike any other coffee maker he will have used. Fresh, rich coffee is brewed using a unique total immersion method that cannot be replicated in drip machines or plastic k-cups.

The quality of coffee that can be made in the Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker is second to none, and he will never want to go out for coffee again. Get the full flavor of his favorite coffee in a fresh pressed cup or as rich espresso.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Travel Totes ★★★☆ ★★★★☆ $$

New Era

Sports Caps

Support His Favorite Team

NEW ERA designs superior quality team knit hats and flex fit hats for team gear that is comfortable and stylish.

Modern style flex fit hats are highly demanded by fans headed out to games. Knit hats are ideal for winter games or simply supporting his favorite team throughout the long, cold winter.

Available in a wide variety of team choices in either style, you can find a hat to match his team fandom and style. Multiple styles are available for all teams in the MLB and NFL. Each officially licensed item is crafted with top quality stitching and embroidery to last well beyond next season. Available here.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry ★★★ N/A $$$


Hozer – Neon Sign

Neon Sign For Bar

Great Addition To His Man Cave!

HOZER HAS a wide selection of high quality neon signs available. Perfect decor for your guy's man cave.

Whether he loves Corona or Blue Moon or simply takes comfort in the fact that it is “5 o’clock somewhere,” he will love these fun, colorful signs.

You can choose to have a custom sign created just for him. Corded electricity powers these eye catching signs.


Category Uniqueness  Rating Price
Lighting ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ $$$$$


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