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12 Very Merry Christmas Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

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Very Merry Christmas Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

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12 Santa Approved Gift Ideas

Men with everything have always been a nightmare for Santa

Finding gifts for them that they want and don't already own is a tough gig, even with 364 days to think about it

So this year we thought we'd give Santa a hand...

Below are 12 standout gifts that will make him smile, and Santa too


Very Merry Christmas Gifts For Men Who Have EverythingSome Men Just Love Their Gadgets!

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The Top 12 Christmas Gifts For Him


Magazine Subscriptions

The gift that keeps giving all year round, available for many interests

On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Exceptional sound from German engineered wireless headphones, at a reasonable price

FlexTorq Screw Driving Set, 40-Piece

Every driving bit he will ever need with Dewalt quality

Amazon Prime

Preferential shipping and the best deals on books, music, TV, and more!

Safari Fountain Pen

Help him create a classy first impression when he's doing business

Bicycle Hanger Storage Unit

Parking his car outside? Free up his garage space with this convenient overhead storage for bikes

Step ‘N Stor Step Stool

Perfect for an emergency tool sets in the car, RV or home

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

Help him improve his overall fitness by monitoring his health statistics fir the Fitbit

Red Short Stuff Manual Umbrella

A practical present for someone who likes to be outside during the wetter months

Golf Club Groove Sharpener with 6 Heads

Minimize his score and give him an edge over his friends around the greens

Game of Thrones Costume Hoodie

If he loves the show, he will love this hoodie

Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Sensor Meter

Take the guesswork out of watering and feeding his garden

Comparison Table

Open the Comparison Table

Product Name BrandUniquenessGift CategoryPrice
Magazine SubscriptionAmazon★★★★Subscription$
On-Ear Wireless HeadphonesSennheiser★★★★★Gadgets Accessory$$
FlexTorq Screw Driving Set, 40-PieceDewalt★★★Hand Tools$$
Amazon PrimeAmazon★★★★★Amazon Products & Services$$$
Safari Fountain PenLamy★★★★Office & School Supplies$$
Bicycle Hanger Storage UnitGeneric★★★☆Tools & Home Improvement$
Step 'N Stor Step StoolStack-On★★★☆Hand Tools Organizer$$
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity TrackerFitbit★★★★★Fitness Accessory$$$
Red Short Stuff Manual UmbrellaShedrain★★★Travel Gear$
Golf Club Groove Sharpener with 6 HeadsSpecialty Golf Products★★★Gadget Accessory$
Game of Thrones Costume HoodieHBO★★★★Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry$$$
Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Sensor MeterEtekcity★★★Tools & Home Improvement$


Magazine Subscription

Deliver News To His Home Or Kindle

A WIDE selection of magazines enables you to choose a subscription that is ideally suited to the man who has everything.

If he likes being up to date, get him a subscription for a reputable news publication that will keep him informed about current events.

Choose to have traditional magazines delivered to his door or select the Kindle format to get instant delivery on publication day while reducing waste and being environmentally friendly. Subscribe now.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
 Subscription ★★★★ ★★★☆ $


On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Superior quality wireless listening.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY enables the listener to enjoy premium quality sound from any device without annoying cords and connections.

Lightweight and comfortable, he can wear these headphones for hours, and then charge them on the convenient docking station until they are needed again. The included rechargeable AAA batteries last for stunning 20 hours with a full charge, so they are always ready for day long listening.

He will be able to enjoy listening to his choice of music, TV, audio book or any other sound throughout the house with the benefit of exceptional range of signal and quality sound with Sennheiser RS120 headphones.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Gadgets Accessory ★★★★★ ★★★☆ $$



FlexTorq Screw Driving Set, 40-Piece

Perfect Accessory To His Collection Of Dewalt Tools

WITH 40 high quality driving bits in this handy set, your handyman will always have the tool on hand that he needs for the job.

Sturdy, Dewalt-yellow storage box keeps all the drivers organized and easy to find. FlexTorq technology means that these bits can flex up to 15 degrees without breaking or bending, making them ideal for tough jobs.

Works with Dewalt drivers and hammer drills. The magnet technology reduces problems with wobbling for a firm, straight drive. If your guy is into home improvement, he will love this versatile set.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Hand Tools ★★★ ★★★★☆ $$



Amazon Prime

A Great Gift For Any Man On Your Shopping List

THERE IS not a man out there that wouldn’t appreciate the gift of an Amazon Prime membership.

Besides getting free 2-day shipping on his Amazon purchases for a year, his Amazon Prime membership will give him access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, free Kindle First books, streaming Amazon music, and Prime Instant Video.

Amazon also gives Prime members unlimited photo storage space, making it an ideal place to backup photos and protect from data loss. Available here.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Amazon Products & Services ★★★★★ N/A $$$


Safari Fountain Pen

Sophistication, Everytime He Signs His Name

THE SAFARI Fountain Pen combines the timeless style and sophistication of a fountain pen with sturdy modern construction that makes this pen durable enough to carry in your pocket every day.

He will love the classy look of this pen when he pulls it out to sign for lunch or write notes.

Replaceable cartridges and nibs make this a pen that can literally last forever. Simply snap a new cartridge into place when the ink runs out. Nibs can be purchased in different sizes and are interchangeable for different uses. Available in Amazon.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Office & School Supplies ★★★★ ★★★★ $$



Bicycle Hanger Storage Unit

Take Advantage Of Overhead Garage Storage For His Bike

OVERHEAD STORAGE of bicycles is great because it free up floor space and moves them to a place where you don’t have to worry about bumping them over and starting a domino effect in the garage.

This bicycle hanger with lift takes care of the most difficult part of ceiling storage for bikes. It makes them easy to lift up there. A simple rope and pulley system enables him to lift up to 50 pounds to the ceiling hanger unit without any straining or standing on top of questionable ladder substitutes. Check this item.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Tools & Home Improvement ★★★☆ ★★★★ $


Stack On

Step 'N Stor Step Stool

Great On The Go Tool Box!

THE STACK-ON Step ‘n Stor Step Stool is a durable and versatile tool that can be used in many different locations.

Keep it in the house for quick handyman work, in the car in case of emergency, or in the RV for repairs while on the go.

The storage area closes tightly for the protection of his tools, and the step is rated for 325 pounds. He can carry his tools and reach problem areas with ease with this great little travel ready tool box.


Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Hand Tools Organizer ★★★☆ ★★★★☆ $$



Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Traker

The Latest Gadget For The Man Who Has Almost Everything

THIS TINY little wristband will give him a plethora of statistics and activity information to analyze. Measuring everything from how many steps he takes to how well he sleeps.

One Wireless Activity Motivation Tracker will keep him moving and fit. Since it links to his smartphone or tablet, it is easy to track goals, watch calories, and stay on track with fitness objectives.

If he loves having the latest gadgetry to play with, he will love the Fitbit Flex and the related iPhone and Android apps.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Fitness Accessory ★★★★★ ★★★☆ $$$


Red Short Stuff Manual Umbrella

Quick Protection From Unexpected Weather

A GREAT little emergency umbrella, the ShedRain can fit virtually anywhere.

The man on your shopping list won’t get caught out in the rain when he has this handy umbrella hidden away in his glove box or coat pocket. Small enough to stow away wherever he might need it, he will thank you when the rain unexpectedly pours.

Strong, compact construction make this a great addition to his car, office, or camper. Get him one for his golf bag for the days when sun suddenly turns to clouds. Available in Amazon.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Travel Gear ★★★ N/A $

specialty golf products

Golf Club Groove Sharpener with 6 Heads

For Serious Golfers Who Strive To Play Their Best

THE GOLF Club Groove Sharpener will help him keep his golf clubs in prime condition to optimize his game.

One way for your golf enthusiast to maximize his swing is by carefully adjusting the grooves of his golf club heads. This sharpener gives him 6 options for clearing grooves of rocks, dirt, and grass or sharpening and deepening them as desired.

It is the perfect tool for him to add to his golf bag.



Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Gadget Accessory ★★★ ★★★★☆ $


Game of Thrones Costume Hoodie

Great Fandom Gear

THE PERFECT sweatshirt for the guy who knows that “Winter is coming.”

He can show his love for the blockbuster HBO series Game of Thrones and the related series of books by GRR Martin with this stylish hoodie.

Managing to display the Game of Thrones insignia while maintaining a grown up appearance, this hoodie is ideal for adult fans.

Category Uniqueness  Customer Rating Price
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry ★★★★ ★★★★☆ $$$


Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Sensor Meter

Perfect For Your Lawn And Garden Enthusiast.

IT CAN be difficult to tell when plants have been overwatered or are getting too dry. With these convenient moisture sensor meters, the gardener on your list can accurately determine whether plants need more water.

The easy to read meter is color coded, indicating appropriate moisture levels depending upon the plants you have in the soil.

Take the guesswork out of lawn and garden watering and keep plants healthy and happy with these simple moisture sensors.


Category Uniqueness  Rating Price
Tools & Home Improvement ★★★ ★★★★☆ $



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