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How to Find the Perfect Gift – The 5 Point Checklist That Guarantees A Memorable Gift


How to Find the Perfect Gift

The 5 Point Checklist That Guarantees A Memorable Gift


WHEN IT COMES to selecting the perfect gift for that one special guy who has everything, you don't want to miss out on anything.

That's how the 5 point, perfect gift, checklist has evolved.

Let it help you nail the right gift minus the unnecessary stress.


The #5 Point Checklist

#1 Unique - Is the gift unique?

#2 Interest Peaking - Is it something that will catch his interest?

#3 He Will Use - Is it something that he will use?

#4 Makes Him Smile - Will it put a huge smile on his face?

#5 The Cost – Is it in the budget?

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#1 Unique Gifts - Gift Ideas He Doesn't Already Have

TravelTickets to somewhere he has never been

A paid weekend trip to Las Vegas, Alaska or even the Arctic circle!  – You can use travel sites such as Groupon, Priceline, to search for weird and wonderful places to visit.

If he’s always been talking about going somewhere, this is a perfect opportunity to get him there!

A new experience

Men can be quite habitual creatures. They can like to do the same things over and over and keep to the same schedule, week after week. A good jolt to his daily routine can do a man the world of good.

Whether it’s seeing a sport he’s never seen before, or taking that drawing class he’s always wanted to do, a new experience can be a change for the better.

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#2 Interest Peaking Gifts - Make Him Curious With Gift Ideas He Will Love

Hobby Items

All guys have some sort of hobby that they absolutely love. You can certainly go above and beyond by getting that man a particular hard-to-get hobby item. Materials used for his hobby are also a good idea too.

Gifts that impress him and his friends

Men have a tendency to like to show off and have the latest toys. Give them the newest and flashiest gear will have him very interested in your gift.

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#3 Gifts He Will Use - Don’t Discount The Small Stuff

Every day items

It may not be sexy, but a gas card will get used. And he’ll remember you when he gets a ‘free’ top up, because now he’s $50 richer for the week. Favorite foods, drinks (beer), and stationary items also fit into this category.

Stuff he should buy for himself, but doesn’t

Men have a habit of ignoring shopping. No one quite knows when it first started but it leaves a big gap for you to fill with birthday, and Christmas gifts. Cologne, clothes, shavers, shoes, wallets just to name a few.

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#4 Gift Of A Smile - Gift Ideas To Put A Smile On His Face


It doesn't matter if he is a nerd or if he is more of the athletic type, all men love new gadgets. They want something that will really allow them to use their brain. So whether it is a smart watch, a smart phone, or something more niche, it will put a huge smile on his face.



Is your guy that one that you catch under the hood of a car or under your sink fixing whatever may be wrong in your home? Then he is a fix-it guy. Purchasing tools, is a great way to go, especially if he is the one who is always fixing everything.


If you are completely unsure of what to get that special guy, then you can’t go wrong with money. You can also throw in gift cards to his favorite store, or lottery tickets.

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#5 Affordable Gifts - Gifts That Are Easy On The Budget

Home made gifts

Although it doesn’t seem manly, a well-made homemade gift can go a long way with a man. Something he can put pride of place on the mantle and show off as a talking point to everyone that comes over.

DIY kit items

This is like the teaching a man how to fish, not giving him a fish type gift. Like a home brewery kit, fishing tackle equipment or beginning leather craft kit. It will keep him occupied, and his house industrious. Maybe he’ll even make a side business out of it!


Because buying gifts for men who have everything is tough, we created the 5 point checklist.

We hope it will help turn you into a gift giving hero and get him just what he really wants. Thanks for reading.


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