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How To Give A Gift He Will Use (Even Though He Says He Doesn’t Need Anything)


How To Give A Gift He Will Use

(Even Though He Says He Doesn't Need Anything)



TRYING TO FIGURE OUT what to get the man who has it all, is an annual rite of passage for many families, workplaces and friendship groups. Many men, especially those over the age of 40, have had ample time to put together a group of possessions that he needs, and now never seems to need or want new items.

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So how do you get a gift for someone who doesn't ever ask for anything or need it?

You do so by considering these key factors:

  • What voids does this man have in his life that need to be filled?
  • What is an item that will make his existence better?

This is not a one size fits all proposition and you must carefully consider the lifestyle of the man you are choosing the gift for.

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#1 Has He Already Asked For Something?

Pay attention and listen to whether he inquires about any particular items or says that he could really use a certain something. Some of the most inspired gift purchases are the ones that happen months before, because the gift giver kept their ears open and paid attention.

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Men Busy Working

Ask him while he's completing his next project

#2 Listen While He Is Busy

Listening to a man while he is in the middle of doing something is a great way to find gift ideas. He'll often wish that he had something while busy, then completely forget about it!

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How To Give A Gift He Will Use - Take him Shopping

#3 Take Him Shopping

Another great time to listen and pay attention is during shopping trips. A man will often see something he likes and could use and may even make mention of it.

These are the times to make a silent note to return to the store and purchase the item mentioned. Taking the time to be attentive not only helps you to pick out a great gift for the man who has everything, but also warms his heart when he realizes how much trouble you went to.

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#4 Likes and Dislikes

You can also cast a watchful eye his likes and dislikes. When all else fails and you cannot get him something that he needs, you can always take the gift in another direction and aim to get him an item that he enjoys, yet may not always purchase for himself.

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Renting a luxury car for a weekend can be a great gift

Renting a luxury car for a weekend can be a great gift

#5 Treat Him

A lot of men who already have a great deal of possessions tend to be frugal by nature. This means that they will not make certain purchases if they do not feel as though it is necessary.

This is a great opportunity for you to buy him a gift and give him a special treat all at the same time. Purchasing something that he would never take the time to obtain on his own is a great way to provide a gift to the man who has it all.

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To Recap

A great way to give him a gift he will use is to;

1. Listen to him speaking about something he would like
2. Listen to him whilst he is busy doing his favourite thing
3. Listen during shopping trips
4. Keep an eye on his likes and dislikes
5. Listen when he says 'that would be nice..' or 'I can't afford that'



He'll Thank You Many Times Over

By taking the time to notice his needs, as well as his wants, you can get the perfect gift, even when he seems to have it all. Putting in the extra effort and learning more about the man you are buying the gift for is the easiest route to a great Christmas/Birthday/Fathers Day or special occasion for everyone involved.


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