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7 Things Men Won’t Buy For Themselves (What To Get The Man Who Has Everything)

7 Things Men Won't Buy For Themselves

(What To Get The Man Who Has Everything)


ARE YOU TRYING to find a present for a man who seems to have everything already? Maybe you are looking for a Father's Day gift, birthday or christmas present for a friend, family member, or co-worker.

If it seems he already has everything he could ever want, it can become a real challenge to find a great present. Often times you can be left feeling awkward trying to find the perfect gift for that guy.

This list shows you the 7 things men don't buy for themselves, and hopefully giving you some inspiration for your gift search.

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#1 Clothes:

When it comes to clothes, men often lack a sense of fashion. Because of this, they often rely on the fashion experience of their wife, daughter, etc. They simply don't want to bother with the whole ordeal of shopping, matching, fitting, sizes, and so on.

Men believe that if it fits, then good, and if it doesn't fit, oh well. Purchasing their clothes can be a real hassle, even for them.

They may know that they wear a size 32-30, but when it comes to the style and fit, they are hopeless. Most men will simply look at you funny when you start talking about straight, boot cut, and so on.

Getting that guy a nice pair of jeans, or even dress slacks that he can wear for years to come is a great way to make him smile, as well as pairing it with a matching shirt. So, no worries shirts and pants are always a great go to option for friends, family or even co-workers.

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Ralph Lauren Men's Canvas Shoe - Gray

#2 Shoes:

Shoes are one of those items that men will literally wear until the bottoms fall off and then say their getting the Flintstones value out of them before they will go buy their own.

Unlike women, men will usually only have a maximum of two or three pairs of shoes for different occasions. If that guy happens to be into sports, or maybe old school types of shoes, then you can't go wrong with picking out a pair of Jordan’s or custom Converse All-Stars.

This is a good thing for you, because all you need is their shoe size and you can take care of the rest.

Shoes can make the man, you can give him the gift of a great pair of shoes, he won't expect it. You are sure to know that those shoes are going to one of their most treasured items. You already have an idea of what they wear, and what type of shoe they tend to wear the most. Best of all, it's not an awkward present no matter who you are shopping for.

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#3 Underwear & Socks:

Socks and underwear are a couple more items that men do their best to avoid buying for themselves. Men will wear a pair of socks, boxers or underwear for years, until they can no longer serve the purpose of being a safety barrier and the wind starts to carry them away little by little.

If you are shopping for your husband or boyfriend, underwear can be a great option, but it isn't such a great option to buy underwear for your boss or even as a secret Santa, because that is just a bit weird.

Socks are a common gift as well, there are plenty of patterns, colors, and even styles that you can choose from. Simply grab a variety and voila! Just a reminder, he can never have to many socks!

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#4 Personal Care Products:

Men can go to the gym, regularly ride their bike and even watch what they eat, but this doesn't mean they cover all 'personal hygiene' bases. They may pick up a stick of deodorant on date night, but when it comes to other health products they typically do their best to avoid it. They do have a tendency to grab whatever is cheapest and smells manly.

Often, instead of buying replacement cartridges for their razors, they will spend a lot on the same razor. Purchasing them razor cartridges, even shave gel, after shave, or any other type of shaving equipment will have you in their book for a long time.

When it comes to their body wash and even shampoo, again they just pick what is manly. They can often turn to using bar soap on their hair, so if you want to give them something that they will use, you can never go wrong with a great body wash, hair care products, and cologne combo.

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How to find the perfect gift? - Timex Watch

#5 Watches

Watches can be a tricky thing for a guy. They will often try to find one that has the most gadgetry on it, but they are never able to find the time. Picking the right watch is easy, especially if you know them quite well. There are plenty of styles for those who have metal allergies or those who want something sleek.

Take your time in selecting a watch, no matter the occasion, they will love it.

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Saddleback Wallet

#6 Wallets:

Guys are sometimes found with just a ragged, torn wallet that doesn't match their attire. The truth is, most of the time, a man's wallet is so old, that if you placed a dollar inside, it would just disintegrate.

Wallets are basically a man's refuge for all the items they must carry around with them. They take it everywhere and it sees a lot of use. With various styles, materials and what not, giving him a quality wallet means he will appreciate your gift.

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#7 Cologne

Guys will literally avoid this at all costs. Most of the time, you will honestly find that the cologne they have is from their ex, their mother, or some random thing that they picked up.

Choosing a cologne for a guy, is basically almost like choosing a purse. There are plenty of versions that are out there, and each one will suit a different person.

If you want to wow him, look for a scent that will match him. You can often grab samples from cologne stores to test at home. If all else fails, go for something that isn't too spicy, but isn't too sweet either. Anything that is made from sandlewood is a great way to go.

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How to Give A Perfect Gift Every Time...

If your the type of person who wants to buy something thoughtful that will get used, it can be frustrating to hear them say "i don't know" or "you don't have to get me anything" when you ask them what they want.

But this is typical of men. So to save yourself this trouble, create a list, in your phone, on the fridge etc. Over a period of months he will likely mention he wants something and when he does, write it down! These gift ideas are like hens teeth. And you know he's not going to complain about something he already said he wants.



And there you have it...

7 items that guys don't buy for themselves, what to get the man who has everything, and a great tip for next year. If you use this helpful guide, you are certain to find him that perfect gift.


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