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What He’d Buy For Himself… If He Was You


Hes Got - What would he buy himself if he was you


Knowing what he really wants is the biggest question, and we’ve answered it for you. The gift ideas in this website have all been suggested by men who have everything...


Our family and friends have also had to scratch their heads at gift giving time. So we've been asked. We’ve been observed. We’ve been surveyed

And we’ve built this website to get you in the know at last

  • We’ve got gifts for a surprise
  • We’ve got gifts for a big smile
  • We’ve got gifts for a laugh
  • We’ve got gifts that excite

We’ve got gift ideas that just plain please

So there's no need to chance it anymore, get him exactly what he wants

Explore our gallery of great gifts that you would never have thought of unless you were him. Or take this quiz and discover the very gift that matches his traits and personality

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